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How to bring sparkle to the bedroom this Christmas

-Unwrap your partner like a present. Spend some time enjoying their whole body and teasing them until they are aching for you to get to the goods.

-Dress up. A lot of us are unable to go out the way we used to, but we can still spend time dressing up for a partner. It’s worth it! Get some sexy elf ears, or some fun holiday themed lingerie. Remember dressing up isn’t just for ladies, most ladies love to see a man dressed as sexy Santa.

-Spend time on self love. Spend some time in the bedroom alone. Break routine, and rather than engaging in your go to masturbation technique, play around with new sensations. Maybe treat yourself and buy yourself a new fun toy!

Here’s to 2021! A lot of us have had a bummer year. It certainly hasn’t been easy for those that enjoy casual sex and going outside. Don’t beat yourself up for handling this year however you did. Look forward to brighter better tomorrows!

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