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Truly BIZARRE things people do for love

Let’s face it, falling in love can be one of the most significant, intense, and completely overwhelming experiences we will ever have. Research has shown that the neurological response to being in love includes an explosion of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin and serotonin, which is very similar to the body's response to heroin. Love can be a powerful force It’s no wonder that over 10% of the … in The United States are committed by the victim’s former lover. Love can make us do things that we never thought possible.

In my life I have tried SO HARD to make decisions out of logic and not my emotions. In my previous relationship, I left the country that my partner was living in to study in the U.S, convincing myself that education was more important than love. It ended up being the most painful couple years of my life to date, and there were a number of times where I was very close to saying ‘peace’ to New York University and going back to go live with my love at his Mom’s house; but I didn’t and the relationship eventually ended because of the distance.


The next time I fell in love, I made different choices. I met a sexy Russian man a couple months before he was going to go home to Crimea. He was going to be gone for the whole summer, and even though we didn’t know each other that well yet, we knew we didn’t want to be apart for the whole summer. A couple weeks and thousand dollars later, I was taking a fifteen hour flight to a new and exciting country. The trip ended up going great, even though nobody spoke English and I ended up at the top of an abandoned nuclear power plant with a bunch of crazy Russians.

My point is, if you let it, love can make you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Let's explore a few of the craziest love and breakup stories out there.


- Cutting off your ear and sending it to your lover, the neighborhood sex worker.

When I was little I learned that Van Gogh was so in love that he cut his ear off and put it in an envelope to send to his lover. When researching this further, it is unconfirmed if she was the reason that he cut his ear off or if he thought, well my ear is already cut off I might as well give part of my body to the girl I love? Regardless, that’s pretty nuts!

- Faking your own death as part of a proposal?

Alexey Bykov hired a whole crew to pretend that he was killed in a car accident right in front of his girlfriend. They agreed to meet somewhere but when his girlfriend arrived there were ambulances, mangled cars and fake carnage everywhere. He then lied down in the middle of the road covered in blood and got the parametric to tell his girlfriend he was dead. After this, Alexey jumped up and proposed, and somehow his girl said yes? I guess romance and psychosis can be closely aligned.


- Cutting off your tattoo and mailing it to your ex.

The whole concept of getting your lover's name tattooed to your flesh seems a little mad, especially given the divorce rate, but this story took it a step further. A woman named Torz took a scalpel to her arm and removed her partner's name, which was tattooed to her. She then sealed it in a jar, made it look like a nice gift, ribbons and all and sent it to her ex.


- I was into this guy who liked squirrels.

Cute story from someone named Sean from New York. His crush was into squirrels so he found some taxidermied squirrels on amazon and sent them to the guy he liked. Ok maybe not that cute. I wonder if his crush was into the squirrels being alive?

I asked some friends what crazy things they have done for love and got a slew of fascinating responses. One fella said he stole documents, chased a girl to Europe, and spent 6 months in prison. A woman said that she flew around the world to see her partner for less than 24 hours. Someone else said that they flew around the country to meet somebody that they had not met in the flesh yet, because their internet vibes were so strong. Another person bought a car for the first date because he really wanted to impress the girl, and ended up getting stood up. Finally, another person responded saying that they seduced their friend’s wife and proposed five days after they started having an affair.

It seems that the pattern here is people are willing to risk their lives, make major life changes quickly, break the law, and basically to do anything when they are on the love drug.

What's the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

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